Thursday, August 23, 2007

Walter E. Kurtz, the man who had to be terminated with extreme prejudice because he had made a friend of horror, because he described a US ARMY Officer as an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. The man who described the world around as - the horror, the horror.

The world was apocalypse now and the man who played the renegade Col. Kurtz was MARLON BRANDO.

this performance more than any other (with the possible exception of Missouri Breaks) is the performance which most divides viewers, some call it great, others describe it a ham job.

i personally feel that it was the high point of a remarkable film and how Brando dint win every award that there was baffles me.

Only Brando could have been the mythical Kurtz. No one before him or after him could play that role. The force of nature that Brando was, he just had to be on screen and it would crackle with magic. He made the whole journey mesmeric, and even though he came in only in the last half hour, his presence was evident from the time his voice was played on the recorder while briefing martin sheen's character.

The Brando scenes were sheer poetry and all the chaos that was happening behind the camera, proves that sometimes conflict is required to create works of sublime beauty.

Brando was a class act in the film and truly the star of this classic film. And having any other opinion, is - aptly described by Kurtz himself - u have a right to kill me, but not to judge me.

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