Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brando & Fugitive Kind - Finally saw it and wow. I cant imagine how this dint do well when it released in 1959. what a lovely film and what visceral performances by all. Brando simmers and Magnani is very good. Lumet directs it impressively and williams story is poignant.

The enduring image will Brando in a snakeskin jacket - he exudes charisma and raw sensuality. a potent combo.

This was the first film of Brando which failed at the boxoffice after 10 straight successes. I for the life of me cant figure why- it was a touching tale, but i think people expected it to be on the level of Streetcar, what with the Brando and Williams combo at play again. Idiots - the people i.e., nothing can be that level - Streetcar is the best ever, but Fugitive is very good.

For all those who have not seen it - watch this video and grab yourself  a DVD - fast. Marlon was the best by far.

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