Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The best role of Marlon Brando in each decade of work:

Brando had a movie career which spanned from 1950 till 2001. Even though he came in Superman Returns, but that will not be counted. In this period he worked non stop from 1950 till 1972 and then had gaps for a couple of years and then he vanished for nearly a decade etc.
The idea is to mention his greatest performance in each decade with clips from the movies and not the famous scenes from the mentioned film, but lesser known scenes... here goes...

Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront. The most influential performance of all time. The greatest performance of all time are just some of the superlatives that have been used to describe this act. It was a culmination of the revolution that Brando unleashed on cinema screens which cemented his reputation as the greatest actor of his generation and the king of film acting.
Even kissing can be acting ...see how

Sir William Walker in Burn. Brando's personal favourite act ever. The man who is a lackey of Imperialism, he detests it, but cant stop doing it and then comes to the realisation that the puppet he helped put in power turns out to be a far better and righteous man than Brando's Walker can ever hope to be. 
Myth making never sounded so glorious...

1970 - 79
Paul in Last Tango in Paris. A raw wound which just exploded on screen. the pain the anguish the agony of being a human being who is a walking talking scar. Only Brando could have conveyed that. 
Beating doors and how...

Ian McKenzie in A Dry White Season. an older heavier Brando back on the screen after 9 years as a lawyer who knows there is no point in fighting for racial equality in apartheid South Africa yet goes on to fight the case and how. Grand showstopping, larger than life and yet so very real.

Carmine Sabitini in The Freshman. The Godfather Meets The Freshman for a comic masterpiece.
Brando cracking walnuts. Unfortunately there is no video on YouTube for the same. so you will have to take my word for it.

2000 - 2004
Max in The Score. Brando is the king and how. He dances circles around DeNiro and teaches him a thing or two about improvs. The only movie he appeared in the new millennium but it was a nice one. A film where cinematically his son and grandson were acting with him. There would be no DeNiro and Norton without the Fat OLD MAN, who was the original heavy weight of screen acting.
You're not smart enough to know where your dick is...

The work of Brando over the years, there are none of the iconic scenes which have become a part of our daily lives, everyone has seen them, but the videos above will give u an idea about the magic of Brando. My advice to you - go see the freshman and see how you cross your legs when he crushes the walnets.
happy new year people - here is looking to 2009, a wonderful year. Amen

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brando & Fugitive Kind - Finally saw it and wow. I cant imagine how this dint do well when it released in 1959. what a lovely film and what visceral performances by all. Brando simmers and Magnani is very good. Lumet directs it impressively and williams story is poignant.

The enduring image will Brando in a snakeskin jacket - he exudes charisma and raw sensuality. a potent combo.

This was the first film of Brando which failed at the boxoffice after 10 straight successes. I for the life of me cant figure why- it was a touching tale, but i think people expected it to be on the level of Streetcar, what with the Brando and Williams combo at play again. Idiots - the people i.e., nothing can be that level - Streetcar is the best ever, but Fugitive is very good.

For all those who have not seen it - watch this video and grab yourself  a DVD - fast. Marlon was the best by far.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sorry for the delay, but life got in the middle of me and the blog. Saw dry white season finally and it was a good solid film and Brando was majestic in it. Dry caustic sarcastic cynical and absolutly in command of his craft. His weight added a lot to the character and it is to Brando's genius that he used his weight to such telling effect.

A gripping film and Brando with his 10 odd minutes made the court room come alive. I mean according to me a court room never looked more electric.
It baffles me that critics say he did not do anything great after Apocalypse Now. his Freshman and his turn in this film.

The story itslef is very poignant and Brando is the highlight and proves that even though he came out of retirement he had lost nothing of his genius.

till next time and hopefully soon

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dry White Season
this movie is one of the few movies of Brando i have not seen. It released in 1989 and was the first movie Brando did in 9 years, after the Formula. It got Brando a lot of rave reviews and an oscar nomination to boot as supporting actor, which he lost to Denzil for Glory. I will be viewing the movie soon and i cant wait to see Brando whip the courtroom into a frenzy. the only movie where brando appeared as a lawyer.
till we review the movie - be good

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