Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If u ask anyone including Brando himself as to who directed him best, the answer would be Kazan. Brando called him the best director ever. Brando acted with some luminary directors in his stellar career.

Kazan - Streetcar, Zapata, Waterfront
Coppola - Godfather, Apocalypse Now
Bertolucci - Tango
Pontercorvo - Burn
Huston - Reflections
Mankiewicz - Julius & Guys and Dolls

Some really great directors and Brando has always been very candid about his personal favourite directors - Kazan, Pontercorvo and Bertolucci

My personal favourite director who directed Brando is Marlon Brando. One Eyed Jacks is the movie.

It was a great movie and Brando got a great performance from himself, the subtext of the movie was Brando's triumph as a director and also the fact that Karl Malden who has always played nice guys played a gray character who leans to the dark side so beautifully.

Brando has only repeated around 3 director in his life - Kazan, FFC and Mankiewicz and there have been around 33 other movies by other directors, some Brando openly said were so bad they could not direct traffic ( Sidney J. Furie - Apaloosa).

So what made this uniquely gifted actor so indifferent to nearly every other director. My guess is nobody collaborated with Brando to develop a performance unlike his personal 3 directors.

Brando always tested a new director by giving 2 takes for the first shot. one take was Brando on the job and the second take was Brando phoning his performance and if the director could not tell the difference, then Brando said if he cant tell, than why should he (Brando) give it his all.

I wish Brando had directed after Jacks, but alas…

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bed Time Story is such nonsensical fun, that it’s amazing Brando decided to act in it. The film has got bum rapped for a very long time. I thought it was a hilarious ride and superior to its remake - dirty rotten scoundrels.

Its great entertainment and should be accepted for what it is. a farcical comic caper. Brando is hilarious and i think critics could not comprehend why would the most dramatic of actors, play so against type and even dare to do something comically silly like this.

i think he did it coz he just wanted to try out every kind of genre and had had his fill of serious stuff - so he goes out on a limb and does something which a bob hope / jerry lewis would do.
Brando does a fab job at it, so which just proves that he was a consummate actor

Brando in his later years says that this was the film he had the maximum fun working, as he really liked david niven, his co star.

The film is a great laugh riot, dont go expecting subtle humour, its nonsensical humour and works at that level.

This is one story which will keep you laughing and revisiting ever so often.

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