Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One Eyed Jacks is a trio of aces.
Saw it last evening for the 2nd time and was blown away by the fact that it is not like a shoot em up western but allows for the characters to build their stories. One of the most beautiful movies to look at.

Brando shines as an actor and does a remarkable job directing the film. there are touches in everyone's performance which seem like they have been made up at that very instant, a typical brando trademark.

Brando looks great and his line - "dont be doin her like that", in the saloon is an absolute delight. the menace that he conveys by just saying it dead pan, is chilling...

The story is that brando and malden rob a bank in mexico and are on the run, brando stays back to stall the mexican law enforcement people, while Malden goes to get fresh horses. Malden decides not to go back ( a beautiful scene which shows how money blinds all) and keep the loot for himself.

Brando is imprisioned and breaks out after 5 years and goes looking for revenge. Malden has become a sheriff and has married a mexican and has a step daughter (pinna pellicer - beautiful). Brando comes back and plays Malden saying that nothing happend to him...then the sotry unfolds.

Has a whiplashing scene which has to be seen to be believed. A brilliantly acted and directed western. Was a box office hit but could not be termed so outright coz brando's inexperience behind the camera made the shoot linger on and on...

he took time to make the film but it was well worth the time. A great supporting cast - with Ben Johnson deleivering a cracker performance.


Its a pity he dint direct more often...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Brando's screen deaths have had a lasting imapct on our socio culture. Out of 40 odd movies Brando has died 11 times. Some of those deaths are legendary - Don Corleone dies while playing with his grandson (the orange peel in the teeth) - The Godfather, Col. Kurtz is butchered by Willard - Apocalypse Now, Paul shot - Last Tango in Paris, etc. The list is endless...

My personal favourite is when William Walker is stabbed on the Quemada port - Burn. The film beings on the port and ends on the port and the look on brando's face and the way he succumbs to his wound is heart renching.

He made dying look awesome.

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