Thursday, September 21, 2006

When you have a movie with 2 of the very best actors of all time and mix that with one of the most lovable stars ever and even then when you mention the movie to an average moviegoer he gives you a dumb look can be very unsettling.

The Young Lions - Marlon Brando, Montogomerry Clift and Dean Martin. Yes Marlon and Monty + Deano in a cracker of a WW2 film and not many people have heard of it today.

The movie was a huge hit when it released in 1958 and is considered a classic, but has your average joe seen it, don’t bet on it.

Needless to say that it is one the best WW2 films ever and it tells the story from both the American and German viewpoints. Brando plays an upright NAZI officer who believes Hitler will bring pride to the German people. Little by little he realises that NAZI policy is evil and how the human being in Brando's character cannot live with the NAZI policies.

MONTY plays an American Jew who joins the army and how he is subject to racism in the army. Deano is his friend in the army. Brilliantly shot with great acting needless to say. This is thought provoking movie which clearly highlights that when it comes to acting, BRANDO is definitely the biggest LION. Brando and Monty never meet in the film but the 2 story’s run parallel to each other.

Watch it at the earliest and to savour great stars and great actors all coming together in a great movie, which is just not about bombs and bullets but human emotions.

The lions roar in style!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Brando's top 10 acts:
Terry Malloy - On the Waterfront, Paul - Last Tango in Paris, William Walker - BURN, Don Corleone - The Godfather, Stanley Kowalski - A streetcar named Desire, Col. Kurtz - Apocalypse Now, Carmine Sabitini - The Freshman, Maj. Penderton - Reflections in a Golden Eye, Marc Anotony - Julius Caesar, Ian Mckinsey - A dry white season.

Diverse roles, spread across in his career, broke a lot of ground with those performances and set benchmarks which have yet to be matched.

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