Thursday, December 20, 2007

1960s and Brando - the man himself termed it his FuckU years, the critics termed it as waste of his talent and his audience deserted him, if u go by box office appeal. But was it as bad as we are led to believe. The answer to that in hindsight and having nearly 50 years of that is a big NO.

one Eyed Jacks - 1961: A bonafide classic now, was thought to be interesting but the critics dint go overboard on their acclaim when it released. Made decent money on the box office but was not termed as an outright hit. A classic in nearly every respect and it did present the people as grey and not black and white. Probably the most beautiful western ever shot. It deserves a great dvd version and i am praying and hoping for that. GREAT FILM

mutiny on the Bounty - 1962: how this film failed at the box office has always baffled me. It’s grand entertainment, it big screen film making at its best. People today forget that it was nominated for best picture oscar (though i don’t think the oscars always stand for quality). Yes it failed at the box office, but view it today ( a great dvd with nice features) and it seems absolutely staggering as to how they achieved that in 62. Brando gives a great performance and made the character a lot more multi dimensional than the heroic Gable. I love all the bounty films but as far as story telling goes this one was the best. And Brando's foppish sea man is greatly appreciated 40 years later by Depp as Jack Sparrow. GREAT FILM

the Ugly american - 1963: A political drama which has to be revisited with Brando playing an US ambassador in a county in Asia. This is Vietnam before there was Vietnam. A great mature performance from Brando. The film is not great, but it is also not trash, it has its moments and on the whole is an interesting watch. - AVERAGE FILM

bed Time Story -1964: A great comedy and far better than the dirty rotten scoundrels 25 years later. Brando is hilarious. Crashed at the box office. Maybe the critics’ didn’t want to see the great dramatic actor indulging in tomfoolery. But brando still went ahead and did it and we are glad for it. - GOOD NONSENSICAL COMEDY

Morituri - 1965: Brando, Brynner and no one has heard of this film. A black and white WW2 espionage thriller. This is great entertainment and has a nice holocaust angle to it. exquisitely shot and a cracker thriller. - GOOD FILM

the Chase - 1966: Brando as Sherriff in a Texas town, where everyone is hiding some skeleton in their closet. Brando leads a great cast - angie dickinson, jane fonda, robert redford, edward fox etc. I thought this is a great performance from Brando and the high point is his beating up which has to be the most brutal in film history ever and the way Brando acts out the scene. Arthur Penn directs it well and one just wishes that the studio had not taken over the film and ruined it in the editing room for this great tale on the society of the 1960s. - AVERAGE FILM

the Appaoloosa - 1966: a slow burn western, with a serious Brando, a great john saxon and not your usual climactic shoot out western, but one which ends with a single shot, without the parties involved facing off each other. Again not as bad as it is made out to be. - AVERAGE FILM

a Countess from hong kong - 1967: Brando and Chaplin, besides Welles are the only 3 cinematic geniuses that medium of cinema has produced according to me. So a great many things were expected from this outing and my god how it disappoints. This is A bad film. It has its moments which last a total of 10 minutes, when Brando is trying to hide Loren in his cabin, the joke runs thin and the film just does not take off. It would have been a big hit in the 1930s, but not 30 years later. - BAD FILM

reflections in a Golden eye - 1967: Brando, Taylor directed by john Huston in a great dark film. Brando as a repressed homosexual beats the pants out of the brokeback mountain lads. This is a great performance from Brando and how he dint win every award that there was baffles me. Its too dark a film for it to be successful at the box office but it is a great film. Watch it now. - GREAT FILM

candY - 1968: Brando's worst film ever. He hams his way thru this but yet again is the best thing in it and what a cast. But alas what a waste. - TRASH

the Night of the following day - 1968: Brando would never be this fit again as he was in this film. A kidnap drama which is raised a lot of notches from the performances all concerned. A great ending. again unfairly rejected by the critics of that time. - AVERAGE FILM

queiMada - 1969: Also called BURN. This is one of the great films of the 60s and the a film whose reputation has grown with each passing year. A great tale on colonialism, with Brando delivering a performance which is his top 5. Pontercorvo directs well. Brando's personal favourite film. CLASSIC FILM.

So the 60s report card is not as bad as it made out to be, with most of his films being in the plus column. Was it as good as his 50s film, the answer is no. but then whose films are. The 50s kind of films happen only once in an actors career, Brando's greatness is doubled coz in the 70s he matched the quality of the 50s films again. The reason I feel he get a bad rap for the 60s is that, he started deriding acting and lost the fun for it and started concentrating on worldly issues. He never cared two hoots about hollywood and critics and they got a chance to get back at him which they did.

But it is in no way - the lost decade and now that decade is being looked up again. AMEN and Happy Holidays. We shall go Brando worshipping in 2008.

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