Friday, September 08, 2006

Brando's top 10 acts:
Terry Malloy - On the Waterfront, Paul - Last Tango in Paris, William Walker - BURN, Don Corleone - The Godfather, Stanley Kowalski - A streetcar named Desire, Col. Kurtz - Apocalypse Now, Carmine Sabitini - The Freshman, Maj. Penderton - Reflections in a Golden Eye, Marc Anotony - Julius Caesar, Ian Mckinsey - A dry white season.

Diverse roles, spread across in his career, broke a lot of ground with those performances and set benchmarks which have yet to be matched.

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Christian Doig said...

my top;) :

1. On the Waterfront
2. A Streetcar Named Desire
3. Reflections in a Golden Eye
4. Last Tango in Paris
5. Viva Zapata!
6. The Godfather
7. Sayonara
8. Burn!
9. Julius Caesar
10.The Fugitive Kind

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