Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Brando's screen deaths have had a lasting imapct on our socio culture. Out of 40 odd movies Brando has died 11 times. Some of those deaths are legendary - Don Corleone dies while playing with his grandson (the orange peel in the teeth) - The Godfather, Col. Kurtz is butchered by Willard - Apocalypse Now, Paul shot - Last Tango in Paris, etc. The list is endless...

My personal favourite is when William Walker is stabbed on the Quemada port - Burn. The film beings on the port and ends on the port and the look on brando's face and the way he succumbs to his wound is heart renching.

He made dying look awesome.


Christian Doig said...

The subject of Brando's screen deaths is certainly fascinating and surprisingly very seldom discussed. Always original (needless to say), he would come with a new way to express the tragedy and the irony from his characters time and again, regardless of them dying or not. However, when they did die on screen, the output was like a revelation of another dimension in the human experience.

KBR said...

totally agree with you mate, well put. he just made it look different everytime, the look on his face the moment he realises he is going to cop it, is...cannot be put in words...

he tried out everything to convey the unexpectedness of the moment and death itself. Lying on a slab of ice, when he dies in Mutiny on the Bounty, was done so that the effect of shivering could be emoted, which Brando had seen his mother go thorugh when she passed away.

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