Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Marlon Brando is a fop in Mutiny on the bounty, how can he play a British naval officer in the 18th century as effeminate, he ruined the film with his star tantrums etc...

These are some of the ways the Brando Bounty is remembered. According to me this is the best of the bounty films and the new DVD which has it does the film full justice. Critics forget that the movie was nominated for 7 Oscars including best picture and what a picture it is. Brando delivers one of his great performances. He totally breaks away from the conventional hero of Gable in the earlier bounty and puts his own spin on the character. It might not be historically accurate but his performance and the film are great fun.

The movie is a treat and is an epic personified. Big canvas, locations, grand music (the soundtrack is masterful), great stars with Brando leading the way.

Brando's character (Fletcher Christian) interpretation inspired Depp when he went about doing Pirates. Brando showcases why he is the best ever by trying to do something different. The film bombed when it was released because i think the audiences wanted a conventional hero. Brando is the antithesis of conventional and that's his greatest asset.

The latter day audiences are lapping up this version of the bounty and like a lot of Brando’s earlier stuff reevaluating his 60s work. well bounty is a ride to die for.

Treat for your eyes and senses and has some of the most delightful banter between a superior officer (Bligh) and his junior (Christian) in movie history.

The dvd has some great extra features and is a great buy and much needed. This mutiny has a lot of bounty to offer.


Christian Doig said...

Great post, Brandofan, dead-on! I also just discovered this absolute masterwork of the adventures genre. Brando is the best Christian ever, by far -- no surprise here, though!

KBR said...

hey mate, u should get ur hands on the new 5 movie set, its terrfic. bounty is so good that it boggles my mind, as to why people dont give it the resepct that it deserves...

Idle Thoughts said...

well the movie also had many a beautiful topless woman. a major plus, if you ask me.

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