Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sorry for the delay, but life got in the middle of me and the blog. Saw dry white season finally and it was a good solid film and Brando was majestic in it. Dry caustic sarcastic cynical and absolutly in command of his craft. His weight added a lot to the character and it is to Brando's genius that he used his weight to such telling effect.

A gripping film and Brando with his 10 odd minutes made the court room come alive. I mean according to me a court room never looked more electric.
It baffles me that critics say he did not do anything great after Apocalypse Now. his Freshman and his turn in this film.

The story itslef is very poignant and Brando is the highlight and proves that even though he came out of retirement he had lost nothing of his genius.

till next time and hopefully soon

1 comment:

Christian Doig said...

Hey, I'm glad you finally watched it. By the way, you were missed. Hopefully soon indeed (:

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