Sunday, April 17, 2011

marlon brando and his bromine with male costars...brand acted with a lot of heavy duty stars and actors

lee marvin in wild one - they played rivals
gerald ford in teahouse of the august moon - brando took him for a ride in the flick
anthony quinn in viva zapata - brothers who had differences
monty clift and dean martin - young lions - never shared a scene but martin killed brando in the climax
richard harris - bounty -
david niven - bed time story - con men who start as partners in crime and then become rivals
yul brynner - morituri - germans on opposite sides of the war in a ww2 flick
missouri breaks - nicholson - rivals - one steals - one kills - one dies

there were a lot of godfather stars - but my personal favorite is his pairing with nicholson - 4 scenes which were electric....which was your favorite paring ever

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