Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brando's worst ever:
Yes the man had his share of turkeys, and they were big ones...
Island Of Dr. Moreau - A mad scienctist who clones half human half animal beings...brando is interesting to watch, as he ups the ante on eccentriticy. val Kilmer does his best brando impersonations, the movie has become a cult classic because it is BAD...very BAD. Brando won a Razzie award (the worst actor OSCAR equivalent).

Free Money - A walrus like moustache covers brando' s face. A sadistic warden is Brando who does his own thing. The movie is unwatchable, though the cast is stellar - Brando, Charlie Sheen, Mira Sorvino etc.

Countess of Honk Kong - The last movie directed by Charlie Chaplin, Brando and Sophia Loren as the lead stars. A romantic comedy on the high seas, it looked like a movie form the 1930s. A slow comedy with very few laughs. Chaplin has made better, much better.

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