Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marlon Brando – The Original Comeback KID…

There have been various comebacks in the history of films; Travolta with Pulp Fiction is the most recent big comeback, but not the biggest ever…

Brando the biggest movie star in the world from the time of Streetcar (1951) till Bounty (62), no question about it, the man who had it all, genius like talent, charisma of a supernova and looks of Adonis....then it all went downhill according to most of the critics in the 60s.

This is not considering the fact that he was still doing good work, not great but most definitely good, not the trash that columnists / critics of that era have us believe. Good work which flopped at the box office. Most of the movies are getting second notices and now are being reevaluated - Reflections in a Golden eye (where Brando plays a closet homosexual - much before Brokeback Mountain), Burn (his personal favourite performance), Morituri (probably the only action film Brando did), The Chase etc.
But they all flopped till the comeback…

Comeback 1 – The one which the world knows by heart…

THE GODFATHER (1972) and Tango in (1973), the greatest comeback - period!! He did movies only for big paychecks after this but was still brilliant in Missouri and absolutely mesmerizing in Apocalypse NOW.

Then he disappeared for 9 years and then wham another great 1 -2 punch.

Comeback 2 – The one which the world forgets…

1989 - A Dry White Season, where Brando proves to all why he is the greatest. As a caustic lawyer in South Africa who is fighting against Apartheid but knows that it is futile, he makes the courtroom dance to his tune. Brilliant act, nominated for Best Supporting Oscar.

1990 - The Freshman, where he does a spoof of his most famous role and what a film and performance.

Brando is back again, to prove why he is the best there ever was and will be...The difference between the 2 comebacks is that the first happened after Brando had been termed a has-been by all the major studios and was basically a BIG NO NO for the big studios. A faded icon that is finished…

The second comeback happened at Brando’s terms, where he has nothing left to prove and is coming back on his own terms, as the legendary icon, still king of the jungle

For a man who hates acting which he did, he still was the best in it…

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