Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Brando and his chemistry with his female stars is a topic on which there is not much to be said as Brando in his 40 odd outings acted with the same leading only twice. Jean Simmons in Desiree' and Guys and Dolls.

Both movies were commercial box office hits. The former was not lapped up by the critics while the critics loved the latter.

So i would say that he liked working with Jean Simmons and they definitely had chemistry.

Vivien Leigh, Kim Hunter, Eva Marie Saint, Angie Dickinson, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Maria Schneider etc are the most notable of leading ladies that he has worked with and yes there was chemistry with them, except for Loren.

My personal favourite Brando co star would be Angie Dickinson in The Chase. The looked very comfortable with each.

Brando is the exception that he had a legendary career and din't have a constant leading lady unlike Spencer Tracey - Katherine Hepbrun,
Erroyl Flynn - Olivia DeHavilland, Humphrey Bogart - Lauren Bacall etc.

Says a lot for the man's talent and career, that he did it on his own steam without the benefit of having a much adored leading lady to support him.


Christian Doig said...

Yeah, he and Simmons look as if they're having a constant ball on the set. I personally prefer Desirée as a whole over Guys and Dolls, but Sky Masterson rocks.

My favorite Brando female co-star will always be Pina Pellicer, the elfish Mexican actress from One-Eyed Jacks. She's just that memorable.

KBR said...

yaa how could i forget - Jacks. Pina was and is still very memorable, there was this strange chemsitry that they had which elevated their scenes together to another dimension

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