Monday, July 31, 2006

Brando can sing!!
Guys and Dolls is proof. One of the all time great musicals and the biggest box office hit of 1955, has Brando as the main lead and he is ably supported by THE VOICE - Sinatra. Now only a mad man will say that Brando is a better singer than Sinatra, but to give Brando his due he sang well and carried of the role wise only a mad man will say Sinatra is a better actor than Brando.

Guys and Dolls is a very important film in Brando's career. It is the first light hearted movie he made. All his movies before this were heavy dramatic stuff. This is the first movie where Brando is having fun and what fun it was.

Great songs, great acting and great stars...GUYS and DOLLS is 4 star entertainment all the way.

It also proves his range, which other actor ever can say that they went from a paraplegic soldier to a loutish blue collar worker, to a Mexican revolutionary, to Shakespeare, to a rebel biker, to a washed out boxer / dockhand, to Napoleon etc....

Guys and Dolls, watched it for the umpteenth time and loved it...


Christian Doig said...

Brando is possibly his light best in the film, which is a colourful feast -- and what an Eastmancolor pallete --, full of music and dance. He even manages to nail some real nice moves on the floor at the Cuban bar. And when he gambles his way through the "Luck be a lady" scene... Bravo!!! This player may not be Sinatra, yet holds his own pretty well in the singing department. That's range.

KBR said...

the so called critics just concentrate on the big 6 (streetcar, waterfront, godfather, tango, apocalypse and wild one) and just foget about the other great stuff he did - guys and dolls being one of them. He was pretty good in singing but man he looked and acted like the king he was...

i thought he was effortelssly charming in this flick

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