Wednesday, August 23, 2006

With which male co star did Brando have the best chemistry??
The contenders: - Karl Malden - On the Waterfront, Anthony Quinn - Viva Zapata, Red Buttons - Sayonara, David Niven - Bed Time Story, Yul Brynner - Morituri, Al Pacino - The Godfather, Jack Nicholson - The Missouri Breaks, Mathew Broederick - The Freshman, Jhonny Depp - Don Juan DeMarco.

The interesting part is that 3 out of the above won Oscars as best supporting actors in the mentioned films opposite Brando.

My take would be Broderick - The Freshman as they both seemed like they were having lots of fun. Liked each and the fun element showed up on the screen.

Male bonding between a 66 year old and a 28 year old. All that in the backdrop of a spoof on the!!


Idle Thoughts said...

My vote would be on Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now.

The relationship between Major Marlow and Colonel Kurtz dominates the movie. Though Brando is there only for a part of it.

Dennis Hopper also had an interesting relationship with Brando's character, though they hardly shared a scene together.

KBR said...

yup, how could i forget that one. they had an awesome relationship. even if they did not hbave enough time on screen together, willard (marlow in the book), had imbibbed the character of kurtz by reading up about him through his boat ride along the river.

Christian Doig said...

My choice is Malden, but the Streetcar Malden, Mitch. His relationship with Brando in that film seems to mirror their actual bond. By the way, Mr. Malden is so underrated, that I have to say no one could play the part of Mitch like him..., and no one has, in fact. Malden was Mitch, as Brando was Stanley.

A close second: Rod Steiger as Charlie in On the Waterfront.

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