Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Missouri Breaks - A western unlike any you have ever seen!!

Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson team up and deliver one helluva of a film. The Missouri Breaks is an intelligent, eccentric western where Arthur Penn calls the shots and has the good sense to let the 2 main leads do what they want and basically give the viewer a ride they will never forget.

Brando's first movie after the double impact of Godfather and Tango and Nicholson fresh from his triumph in Cuckoos Nest. Breaks bombed at the box office, coz it is not like any Western ever made. There are no redeemable characters in this movie, everyone of the main characters is bad / strange and eccentric.

Nicholson plays a rustler, who robs ranch owners of their horses. One of the big ranchers hires a Regulator to kill the ranchers - Regulator Brando (Lee Clayton), the most eccentric person to walk the wild west. Brando's character is as sadistic as they come. A man who kills for pleasure and has the most strange habits, bird watching, hunting rabbits with strange weapons, singing songs on his lil guitar in the wilderness, having lilac foam baths...

Some critics lambasted Brando's performance as his accent keeps changing, there were also some critics who thought Brando was Brilliant!!! Marlon Brando just eats up the scenery and is so amazing, that one cannot look at anything when he is on screen, yes even Nicholson, cant grab your attention.

The scenes featuring the 2 leads are worth the price of a ticket. Both the lead actors are taunting each other and it is amazing to watch them improvise...It is a beautiful movie to watch as the picturesque Montana looks really inviting.

A cracker of a movie, not your usual shoot em up westerns, but a movie where characters do a lot more talking and a lot less shooting. Witty dialogue throughout make it a great treat...

Nicholson says of the movie - that he was terrified of working with Brando as he knew that Brando was in a different league altogether...Brando does steal the movie, but Nicholson has his moments…the best scene according to me is the one where Brando and Nicholson meet up, and Brando shoots cabbages – Brilliant!!
The Missouri Breaks is a must watch and it just keeps getting better with every viewing...cant imagine why it dint do well…

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