Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The best godfather moment:
All of us have seen it, have enacted the scenes in front of mirrors, tried our best to mumble the lines and have marvelled how the MAN did it. My favourite moment in the godfather is when DON Vito Corleone comes to a broken down TOM HAGEN and tells him - to tell his don what everyone else seems to know. From then on THE GODFATHER who was indisposed because of the assasination attempt on him, takes charge - THIS WAR STOPS NOW!!

Other favourites::

the chats that Brando and Pacino have when they discuss how things could have been different, the grandchildren reading the funny papers (comics), and how pacino comforts brando by saying dont worry. The mantle is being passed.

The obvious ones are - santino's shooting, the opening sequence of the requests to the godfather on his daughter's wedding. the film is full of them.

Everything about the godfather is now a part of our daily lives and we alla re the better for it.


Idle Thoughts said...

Though I am a huge Brando fan, my favourite Godfather moment has little to do with him. It is that scene in which Michael Corleone stands guard outside the hospital with the undertaker’s son. And then he gets punched for his pains. That to me was the defining moment in the Corleone saga. When Michael finally understands his father. Finally understands that justice and fair play cannot exist without guns to back them up

pappupager said...


You've got some heavy duty stuff on Brando. Yes, Godfather is one of my favourite films as well! And there are so many moments in that film that are awesome! I liked part I the best. Part II was decent but I wasn't too impressed with Part III. As a matter of fact, I'm planning to buy the Godfather series. It's a collector's item.

KBR said...

pappu, the godfather dvd trilogy is a must buy. it has everything that you wanted to know about the corleones.

a hiiden feature is when you go the james caan (santino) section on the family tree of corelones and right click the menu button. you will see james caan doing a marlon brado impersonation of ON the Waterfront and the famous contender speech.

a killer dvd set if there ever was one. you can also mak out that everyone conneted in that film held BRANDO in awe. Brando was box office poison for about 8 years and yet the esteem he is held in by his peers is unfrigging beleivable.

Shujoy said...

What's the guy's name who wakes up with the horse's head.
That to me was the distinctive moment. Otherwise Vito and his tribe seem quite human.
OK I' not much of Godfather fan, but I've absorbed enough in conversations over the years.
"I know it was you Freido"
"Bona sera bona sera whaddve I everdone zat you dizrezpect me so"

But the favourite has to be the horse's head.

KBR said...

jack woltz is the name and yes the horse head was a killer scene. the magic of editing is that when he discovers the horse's head he lets out a shrief and they camera pans at Woltz's estate and then the scene cuts to a serene calm don vito enjoying a glass of wine and disccusing things with his core team.

extreme violence followed by an old man lounging, the contrast is pure magic.

sushobhan said...

absolutely the finest moment. pregnant with tension.
any performance is a conspiracy between the audience and the actors, the audience knows what has happened and all that matters is how he receives it.
what a performance.

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