Friday, May 05, 2006

Marlon Brando will be back on the silver screen in 2006.

Giving advice as JOR EL to the new superman and a voice over for an old animated lady in the Big Bug Man.

The man who changed everyhting about acting will be unleashed to a whole new virignal generation of cinemagoers.

I cant wait.


Shujoy said...

Are we still discussing people's virginity? Ok let's not go into that sexual debate again. Just don't put "I can't wait" after that virginal bit.

Also allow for anonymous comments. That way people at work can comment without starting blogs of their own.

KBR said...

hahahah...point taken. by the way on the topic i dont know yet how to activate the anonymous comments bit, working on that...

brando first screen test out (streetcar named desire - new dvd), where he auditioned for a rebel without a cause, 6 years before james dean did it.

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