Monday, May 08, 2006


Happened to see THE FRESHMAN over the weekend for the umpteenth time. It is one of Brando's all time greats and proves once and for all that the man was capable of everything. This is a comedy, a movie which has you in splits.

for those of you who have not seen this film, it released in 1990 and the plot is as follows: Mathew Broderick comes to new york and joins a film school as a frshman. within 21 minutes of him landing in new york he is robbed of everything by a delightful Bruno Kirby (the yound clemenza in godfather 2). Well Broderick happens to see Kirby a couple of days later and confronts him. Kirby tells him that he will make up for the pain he has caused Broderick and takes him to meet his uncle - Carmine Sabitini (marlon brando).

You all will be asking what is so interesting about this. Well here goes, Carmine Sabitinis is the man on whom DON VIT CORLEONE is based one. Brando is spoofing his most famous role ( according to American FILM Institute the greatest character of all time). The film is full of godather jokes and is downright clever and hilarious. Brando and Broderick jam well with each other. There is a scene where brando ice skates and it is like god ice sakting.

what is remarkable about this film is that one of the all time classics is being spoofed, the chances of it being horrible are huge as the bulls eye is small and very far, but brando and the director hit it smack in the middle.

one of my favourite films with a classic one liner from brando - when he visits broderick in the college hostel - if this is college, i dint miss much.

for those who have not seen it, catch it, its an intelligent comedy.


Idle Thoughts said...

Freshman rocks! Why? Because Brando had the guts to spoof the most iconic character he ever played. Very few actors can do that. The only movie that comes to mind was Arnold in 'Last Action Hero'.

KBR said...

true, arnie had a good sense of humour to be able to take potshots at his screen persona...the difference being arnie in his wildest dreams cannot claim to be an actor - a star yes, actor no.

Brando in freshman delivered one of his best performances and the icing on the cake was that it a funnier take on the godfather from the godfather.

brillaint. Some critics called the Freshman - Godfather Part III, as the original godfather 3 released in the same year was considered a let down. I persoanlly liked all the godfathers, but thats for later.


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