Monday, May 15, 2006

Only THE GODFATHER could have have been SUPERMAN's father and again open doors...

Brando played Jor EL to Reeve's Superman in 1978 and will do so again to Brendan Routh in 2006. It was a historical part becuase he became the highest paid movie star EVER for getting nearly 4 million USD to play a role of not more than 10 minutes. Taking inflation into account he still is.

This started a trend of big names in the histronic department and stars accepting roles in comic book films.

There would be no Jack Nicholson (joker) in BATMAN, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty in DICK TRACY, if there was NO BRANDO in SUPERMAN. Gave comic books legitimacy and opened doors for acting heavy weights to have some fun on the job.

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Anonymous said...

under duress, i don't know too much about brando or movies per se, but i know when someone else is a master at it....KB you really know brando...what interests me is the trivia or your analysis of movies and brando

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